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Footnotes July 2015

Summertime CHECKLIST...

Dr. Adam Cirlincione brings FEET to the FOREFRONT!
Put them on your to-do list this summer:


I tell my patients that melanoma in the feet is on the rise! Sunbathers pay less attention to their feet (and ears) than any other part of the body. Make sure you use sunscreen in and around toe area.

Try, BRAND NEW TOTAL Two-in-One. This base/top coat hybrid offers toenails UV protection. Nails are made of protein and need protection just like your skin.


When patients get toenail infections from wearing sandals in hot, sweaty environments, I recommend they take a break and wear sneakers for a few days. Also using an antifungal cream or spray during the sweaty summer months to avoid infections especially around swimming pools.


Patients ask if taking biotin vitamins in the summertime can make their nails look summer-ready, I tell them to try taking Biotin vitamins year round! Many of my patients have seen a notable difference using Biotin as a daily vitamin.

Try, Dr.’s REMEDY Nails, Skin and Hair vitamin fortified with Biotin.


Summertime often times means yellow toe nails! I remind patients that spas and nail salons are bustling during summer months. Often times prolonged use of nail polish will increase discoloration. Don’t forget to give your toenails a break from polish during the summer months.

Use, Dr.’s REMEDY non-acetone Remover to bear clean polish-free nails for a few days, then head back to the salon with your own bottle of Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish for a fresh start. *Don’t wear polish on the toes for longer than 2 weeks.



UV damage occurs in the feet as well as the nails. Most people know it’s important to get questionable freckles and moles checked out by a doctor. Also important, any discoloration or spotting of the nails should be looked at by a podiatrist in order to rule out any sort of malignant melanoma of the nail bed.

The thumb, big toe, and index finger nail are the most common nails to be affected. Some of the warning signs include:

  • If the stripe is very dark
  • If there are blurred borders
  • If there are changes in a stripe that’s been there
  • A patient’s medical history is a factor as well

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