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Footnotes June 2015

at home REMEDY


Are you still grappling with guilt and possible confusion after reading this month’s articles in The New York Times on labor practices and working conditions at nail salons? The doctors of Dr.’s REMEDY suggest learning how to do your own manicure and pedicure at home.

Here are some tips to get started as well as tips on salon safety.


When at home, simply file those nails. Clipping is harsh on the nails and cuticles. Shape and reduce length by filing. Start filing from either corner of the nail and pull the file in one direction, instead of back and forth. 
If you chose to go to a salon...
Bring your own nail clippers and files as these are often used multiple times in a day by many customers’, says Dr. Cirlincione. 


After a good soak, use a quality enriched cuticle oil. Dr.’s REMEDY recommends CARESS Cuticle Oil, infused with vitamins, wheat protein and the organic ingredient Pentavitin. Just push back those newly soften cuticles, only trim if absolutely necessary, and your nail bed is soon ready to paint. ‘Cuticles help ward off nail infections, save them if you can’, says Dr. Cirlincione.

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Make sure the nails are free of any dirt and oil. Use household rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to cleanse the nails well. Then, apply a clear coat base coat to your newly refined nails. Dr.’s REMEDY saves you time with brand new TOTAL Two-in-One which functions as a base coat plus a top coat!


Choose from a rainbow of shades from Dr.’s REMEDY to make those nails pop with color. Start by painting in the middle of the nail, push up under the cuticle and pull down with long, and a limited number, of strokes.  Always allow 60 seconds between coats.

Grab that bottle of TOTAL Two-In-One once more for a clear clean final coat to add shine and protect your color from premature chipping. Then, clean any polish that landed in the wrong place by using your cuticle pusher wrapped in cotton and then dipped in remover.
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New York Times Articles

Reactions to the New York Times articles about nail salons

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READ: Nail salons: NYC women weigh options after report of associated wage theft, chemical hazardsAccording to the APMA, about 70% of Americans have suffered from a foot ailment, but only 36% have actually seen a podiatrist. 

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