BALANCING Biotin Supplement

BALANCING Biotin Supplement
BALANCING Biotin Supplement
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BALANCING Biotin Supplement

New Dietary Supplement, Formulated by Doctors

Made with purple carrot juice, this great tasting gummy vitamin, formulated by our doctors, is packed with 5,000 mcg of biotin. Made with low sugar and great taste, BALANCING Biotin makes growing healthy nails, skin and hair so delicious! Chew 2 BALANCING Biotin gummies daily (1 bottle = 1 month supply).

Biotin comes from the ancient Greek word biotos, which means life or sustenance.

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Dr.'s REMEDY: Formulated By Doctors

The proprietary formula results in long-lasting nail care, designed to nourish, repair, and protect nails. Each ingredient contains unique, known naturally-occurring benefits.

How to use for best results

1 Choose the base coat that’s right for you. HEALING Hydration, BASIC Base Coat, TOTAL Two-in-One, or RESTORE Ridge Repair. Apply 1 coat to clean, dry nails.
2 Apply 1-2 coats of any of our nail color polishes.
3 Finish by applying 1 coat of CALMING Clear Top Coat or TOTAL Two-in-One our base + top hybrid.
4 Choose the cuticle protection that’s right for you! NOURISH Nail Serum or CARESS Cuticle Oil to protect, renew, and restore.
For best results, use Dr.'s REMEDY Nail Color, HEALING Hydration, BASIC Base Coat, TOTAL Two-in-One, or RESTORE Ridge Repair

4 easy steps to long-lasting, podiatrist approved nail care.

Dr.'s Remedy is proud to be 10-Free

Formaldehyde | Toluene | Formaldehyde Resin | Camphor | Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) | Xylene | Ethyl Tosylamide | Parabens | Phthalates (including DBP) | Animal Products

Customer Reviews

May 19, 2015
Started using the vitamins 2 months ago and my nails are coming back to life. Thank you for putting this product out on the market. I needed this product to help get my nails stronger, and they are.
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