Our Frequently Asked Questions


  • How often should I apply TOTAL Two-in-One?
    • Apply one coat as a base coat. Follow with 2 coats of your favorite Dr.’s REMEDY shaded nail polish. Last, apply 1 more coat of TOTAL to seal the color. Use with each polish change.
  • Will Dr.’s REMEDY Hydration Nail Treatment help with splitting nails?
    • The answer is, yes. Hydration is a nail moisture treatment, designed specifically to target and help treat dry, splitting nails. The formula contains 4 major vitamins, as well as all-natural Pentavitin and biotin.
  • Is Dr.’s REMEDY a nail polish and a medicine or do I still need to get a prescription for my fungus? 
    • Dr.’s Remedy is a cosmetic and can be used as an adjunct to a medication. As with any new beauty regimen, we recommend first consulting your doctor.


  • How long should I expect my manicure to last?
    • Dr.’s REMEDY wears similar to a commercial nail polish. With normal activity, polish should last between 5 to 7 days. A pedicure with Dr.’s REMEDY will last up to 1 month, but this is not recommended. Podiatrists advise their patients to remove or reapply toe nail polish after 7 to 10 days. 
  • I bought a bottle of Dr.’s REMEDY last year, what’s the shelf life?
    • After you open your bottle of Dr.’s REMEDY for the first time, your polish will have a 2 year shelf life if it’s stored at room temperature. Never store bottles in the refrigerator or leave your polish in a hot car.

Application & Benefits

  • Can I use ‘regular’ nail polish over Dr.’s REMEDY Basic Base Coat and still get the benefits of the anti-fungal ingredients?
    • Dr.’s REMEDY has not been tested in conjunction with other polishes. For optimal results, use our tested 3 step process.
  • I have nail fungus on only one of my toe nails. Can I use the same bottle of Dr.’s REMEDY nail polish for all of my toenails or will the fungus spread?
    • In most cases, the same polish can be used without risk of spreading the fungus. Our chemists advises us that nail fungus should die within the bottle and should not spread. However, we always advise you to consult your podiatrist in regards to your specific condition in order to determine the best course of treatment for your personal needs. 
  • Can you paint Dr.’s REMEDY directly on skin or a toenail that is growing back?
    • DR’s REMEDY can be used directly on the skin as well as aid with new nail growth.
  • Can I use Dr.’s REMEDY at the same time as I am using a topical treatment for the nail fungus, or does the nail polish 'block' any treatments?
    • With a topical medication such as Penlac, Dr.’s REMEDY can be used on a ‘as needed’ basis.
      Should a patient with a nail condition chose to paint their nails for a vacation, wedding, etc, Dr.’s REMEDY should not perpetuate the condition. The patient can then resume using the medication after a few days. With lasers and Lamisil, Dr.’s REMEDY is a perfect adjunct to the regimen.
  • Do I really need a top coat and base coat while wearing Dr.’s REMEDY products? 
    • Some nails are more sensitive than others, it’s possible that without the application of a protective base coat, pigments from the polish can superficially stain the nail. While this is not always the case, the use of a base coat is highly recommended. Dr.’s REMEDY BASIC Basic Base Coat enriches your nails with good-for-you ingredients, starting your pedicure off on the right foot! Our unique Calming Clear Top Coat acts as a high gloss finish. It seals in the nail color, provides UV protection and increases the duration of the manicure and/or pedicure. We also have Total Two-In One which a base and top coat hybrid. 
  • Is the Dr.’s REMEDY CALMING Clear Top Coat necessary?
    • Our polishes are designed to be worn with both a base and a top coat. Chose either Total Two-In-One, our base/top hybrid or separate formulas BASIC Base Coat and CALMING Clear Top Coat. CALMING Clear Top Coat is a heavier formula that helps seal off the color, aids in durability and helps retain shine. We suggest choosing CALMING Clear Top Coat over a commercial brand due to its organic additives and lack of toxins.

General Questions About the Brand

  • Does Dr.’s REMEDY smell like normal nail polishes? 
    • Our polishes smell less potent than traditional polishes.
  • I have a wheat allergy, can I use Dr.’s REMEDY polish?
    • Should you have a specific health concern, we strongly advise you to consult your physician before beginning a new regime. In most cases the amount of wheat contained in the polish should not affect those with an allergy. However, since nails are porous, we HIGHLY recommend getting the approval of a physician before initial use.
  • Is Dr.’s REMEDY an antifungal nail polish?
    • Dr.’s REMEDY is a cosmetic. Dr.’s REMEDY is not FDA approved and cannot make claims to cure fungus. Note, no over-the-counter cosmetic legally can make such claims. Dr.’s REMEDY is a ‘cleaner’ nail polish, doctor recommended, and patient testimonials say their nails are stronger and whiter after using Dr.’s REMEDY. Dr.’s REMEDY is a good preventative to avoiding discolored nails, and is a recommended as an adjunct to any medication.
  • What stores can I find Dr.’s REMEDY products near me?
    • Dr.’s REMEDY is currently sold on our website www.remedynails.ca, in podiatrist offices and on Amazon. If you are looking for a office near you, please give us a call at 1-877-323-6245 and we can find an office in your area. 

Color (Shade) Inquiries

  • I have light-medium skin tone. Which Dr.’s REMEDY ‘red’ is the best choice for me?
    • Here is a brief description of each of our reds: Remedy Red is an iconic, true ‘Hollywood’ red (red with blue undertones). Rescue Red is a classic ‘fire truck’ red (red with orange undertones).  Balance Brick Red is a ‘deep maroon’ red. Revive Ruby Red is a darker red with shimmer, (it’s darker than Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers). If you go to our “Try It On” section on our website you can compare your skin tone to the different reds. Our customer service is available to answer these types of questions during business hours or by emailing [email protected]
  • Which Dr.’s REMEDY polishes work best for a french manicure?
    • We suggest Loyal Linen or Purity Pink, in conjunction with Wisdom White, and Total Two In One for the perfect French Manicure. We currently have a French Manicure Kit available on our website for purchase. 
  • I am a male, what Dr.’s REMEDY product should I use for a natural look to cover my nails? 
    • We suggest modest matte for men. This is a completely clear, matte polish. For those looking for a little bit of a shade (perhaps to cover any nail coloration) we suggest either LOYAL Linen, PROMISING Pink or PURITY Pink - depending upon skin tone.

Benefits and Features of our Product

  • Is Dr.’s REMEDY vegan and organic?
    • Dr.’s Remedy is a 100% vegan polish - not tested on animals. Dr.’s Remedy is also enriched with organic ingredients. 
  • What makes Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish unique from other nail polishes?
    • Dr.’s REMEDY is doctor-formulated, doctor-recommended and enriched with organic ingredients which work to maintain and promote optimal nail health. Dr.‘s REMEDY was the first nail polish to receive the Seal of Approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association. Dr.’s Remedy is also 8 free, including the controversial TPHP toxin.
  • Dr.’s REMEDY is an Enriched Nail Polish. What’s been added and what are the benefits? 
    • Dr.’s REMEDY has been enriched with a unique blend of organic ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, an essential oil obtained from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, is found to have antiseptic and antifungal activity. Garlic Bulb Extract contains Allicin, a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent that joins forces with Vitamin C to help kill harmful germs. Vitamin E promotes healthier skin and nails. Wheat Protein, a vegetable derived, high quality protein contains moisture binding capabilities and naturally increases shine. Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin. Biotin is known to support healthy hair, skin and nails. Biotin also supports energy production.
  • Who are the doctors who formulated Dr.’s REMEDY? 
    • Dr. Cirlincione and Dr. Spielfogel are Board Certified Podiatrists who understand the need for a healthier, more natural nail polish. When working with chemists, the doctors stressed the importance of adding naturally occurring antifungals as well as strengthening agents like vitamins and protein, because they know the needs of their patients and the direct effects of the harsh chemicals contained in many commercial nail polishes. (ie: formaldehyde is believed to yellow and weaken the nail).
  • Is Dr.’s REMEDY a good choice for children?
    • Young girls who opt to wear commercial nail polish are exposing themselves to toxic chemicals (like formaldehyde). Not only are nails porous, but children are often known for biting their nails and chipping off nail polish with their teeth. Choosing a healthier nail polish is a safer, smarter option.
  • I am a religious Muslim, is Dr.’s REMEDY breathable?
    • Dr.'s REMEDY is both oxygen and moisture permeable. Our polishes allow water and oxygen to pass through, designed to allow your nails to heal and retain their best condition.
  • What is Dr.’s REMEDY’s opinion on ‘cruelty free’ beauty products? 
    • Dr.’s REMEDY believes that as a wellness-inspired brand, their duty to make sure that their products were also produced in a compassionate manner. There is no reason to buy products that have been tested on animals. Dr.’s REMEDY wants to encourage consumers to buy beauty products that make you feel beautiful on the inside and out.