The Color Collection That Looks As Good As It Makes You Feel

With polish names that put a little pep in your step!

Dr.’s Remedy multitasking lacquers can help take your manicure to the next level: when paired with one—or more—of our exquisite treatments (BASIC Base Coat, CALMING Clear Top Coat or TOTAL Two-In-One).

  • Dr.'s Remedy ALTRUISTIC Auburn Nail ColorALTRUISTIC Auburn
    A playful burnt orange with earthy, autumn undertones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy AMITY Amethyst Nail ColorAMITY Amethyst
    A moderately bright, smokey purple that is soothing yet excitable.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy AUTHENTIC Apricot Nail ColorAUTHENTIC Apricot
    Creamsicle-like shade that combines pink and yellow hues.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy BALANCE Brick Red Nail ColorBALANCE Brick Red
    A deep modern maroon.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy BELOVED Blush Nail ColorBELOVED Blush
    Cotton candy pink, with subtle blue undertones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy BONAFIDE Boysenberry Nail ColorBONAFIDE Boysenberry
    Magenta shade with deep purple base and a splash of dark ripened berry.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy BRAVE Berry Nail ColorBRAVE Berry
    Bright, fresh and undeniably feminine.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry Nail ColorCHEERFUL Cherry
    The perfect shade of bright red.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy CLARITY Coral Nail ColorCLARITY Coral
    Bright pinky orangey and matte.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy CLASSIC Cloud Nail ColorCLASSIC Cloud
    A crisp, clean, full-coverage white.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy COZY Cafe Nail ColorCOZY Cafe
    A cafe au lait with hints of pinkish grey and a splash of lilac.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy COZY Cafe Nail ColorCOZY Cafe
    A cafe au lait with hints of pinkish grey and a splash of lilac.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy DESIRE Dark Brown Nail ColorDESIRE Dark Brown
    A richly pigmented, milk chocolate dipped plum.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy DEVOTED Denim Nail ColorDEVOTED Denim
    A creamy indigo blue hue with gorgeous grey undertones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy EMPOWERING Evergreen Nail ColorEMPOWERING Evergreen
    A deep forest green that's the perfect combination of spirited and sophisticated.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy FOCUS Fuchsia Nail ColorFOCUS Fuchsia
    A hot pink classic with rich, romantic allure.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy GENTLE Gingerbread Nail ColorGENTLE Gingerbread
    The perfect neutral beige sheer for darker skin tones. Delicately tan with hints of amber.(Sheer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy GIDDY Grapefruit Nail ColorGIDDY Grapefruit
    Brilliant neon-like pinky-peach hue is simply delicious.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy HOPEFUL Hot Pink Nail ColorHOPEFUL Hot Pink
    The perfect ultra bright pink, almost neon and perfectly matte.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy KINETIC Khaki Nail ColorKINETIC Khaki
    A versatile warm taupe, enhanced with cool tinges of green and gray.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy LOYAL Linen Nail ColorLOYAL Linen
    An ultimate everyday sheer nude.(Sheer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy LYRICAL Lilac Nail ColorLYRICAL Lilac
    A full-coverage pale purple with light mauve undertones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy MAGNETIC Midnight Nail ColorMAGNETIC Midnight
    An intergalactic charcoal with glittery specks of multicolor shimmer.(Shimmer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy MAGNIFICENT Magenta Nail ColorMAGNIFICENT Magenta
    Bright, juicy and undeniably upbeat.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy MEANINGFUL Merlot Nail ColorMEANINGFUL Merlot
    A blend of deep purple and red-wine burgundy, infused with dark berries.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy MELLOW Mauve Nail ColorMELLOW Mauve
    A delicate shade of eggplant, with a subtle pink undertone.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy MINDFUL Mulberry Nail ColorMINDFUL Mulberry
    This renewed juicy berry shade is stylishly tart yet playful sweet and classic.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy MOTIVATING Mink Nail ColorMOTIVATING Mink
    A muted mink, spiked with subtle purple and cocoa undertones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy NURTURE Nude Pink Nail ColorNURTURE Nude Pink
    Barely there beautiful with a hint of iridescence.(Pearl)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PATIENT Pearl Nail ColorPATIENT Pearl
    Snow white hue with soft, reflective, lustrous swirl finish.(Pearl)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PEACEFUL Pink Coral Nail ColorPEACEFUL Pink Coral
    A poppy, fresh bubble-gum shade.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PERCEPTIVE Periwinkle Nail ColorPERCEPTIVE Periwinkle
    Pastel blue with a soft lavender hue to match a cloudless sky.(Shimmer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PERFECT Petal Pink Nail ColorPERFECT Petal Pink
    This wearable sheer pastel goes-with-everything and looks-great-on-anyone.(Sheer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PLAYFUL Pink Nail ColorPLAYFUL Pink
    A cheerful candy pink with a subtle flamingo pink.(Shimmer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PLUCKY Plum Nail ColorPLUCKY Plum
    Purpley plum color exudes romance with its indigo undertones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy POISED Pink Champagne Nail ColorPOISED Pink Champagne
    A shade to flatter sun-kissed skin.(Frost)
  • Dr.'s Remedy POLISHED Pale Peach Nail ColorPOLISHED Pale Peach
    A velvety pinky-peach crème that pairs well with everything.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy POSITIVE Pink Nail ColorPOSITIVE Pink
    Baby girl pink with swirls of pale purple.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PRECIOUS Pink Nail ColorPRECIOUS Pink
    A soft, subtle cotton candy like hue with purple reflections.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PROMISING Pink Nail ColorPROMISING Pink
    A creamy, pale pink that neutralizes yellow tones.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy PURITY Peach Nail ColorPURITY Peach
    Peachy-pink and oh-so-feminine.(Sheer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy REFLECTIVE Rosé Nail ColorREFLECTIVE Rosé
    A glistening grown-up twist on pink.(Frost)
  • Dr.'s Remedy RELAXING Rose Nail ColorRELAXING Rose
    An opaque, vintage rose petal shade with a hint of iridescence.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy RELIABLE Rustic Red Nail ColorRELIABLE Rustic Red
    A rustic barn red with burnt orange undertones. Richly pigmented with a mega-shine finish.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy REMEDY Red Nail ColorREMEDY Red
    A true iconic old-Hollywood red.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy RESCUE Red Nail ColorRESCUE Red
    A classic fire engine red.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy RESILIENT Rose Nail ColorRESILIENT Rose
    A muted yet rich shade of warmed pink.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy REVIVE Ruby Red Nail ColorREVIVE Ruby Red
    A shimmer-infused shade crimson.(Shimmer)
  • Dr.'s Remedy SASSY Scarlet Nail ColorSASSY Scarlet
    A deep, rich ruby. Bold and vivid with dimension to inspire true devotion.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy SERENITY Sage Nail ColorSERENITY Sage
    An earthy gray-green between edgy and neutral.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy SERENE Salmon Nail ColorSERENE Salmon
    A cool burst of pinky-peach color.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy SOULFUL Slate Blue Nail ColorSOULFUL Slate Blue
    A creamy, caulky shade of soft blue.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy STABILITY Steel Nail ColorSTABILITY Steel
    A universally-flattering shade of sleek steel grey.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy SWEET Soleil Nail ColorSWEET Soleil
    A cheerful pastel yellow designed to brighten your day.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy TACTFUL Turmeric Nail ColorTACTFUL Turmeric
    Creamy bright tangerine with a sun-kissed radiance.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy TIMELESS Teal Nail ColorTIMELESS Teal
    A versatile deep-blue green that agrees with any skin tone.(Creme)
  • Dr.'s Remedy TRUSTING Turquoise Nail ColorTRUSTING Turquoise
    A perfectly cool turquoise hue.(Creme)